This Swimwear Will Change You, A Pasta Shop and Oysters Delivered

Shrubs! Spanakopita! Sofia Coppola! Swimwear! Shirt dresses! Soap! Didn’t mean to make this ep “s” themed but sometimes these things happen. Have you listened? Get into it.




  • Mulberry Shrub! So simple! So deliciously tart. This food52 article gives you a rundown of the process.


  • Spanakopita gallette SoRo likes to make it with chard or silverbeet instead of spinach and throws parsley and mint in there too. This recipes makes two gallettes. Bake them both and have the second one for lunches.



  • On The Rocks, Sofia Coppola, on Apple TV from 23 October. Bill Murray at his most Billy Murray-esque. New York! Martinis! Perfect.



  • An Everlasting Meal, Tamar Adler, Booktopia. Sick of planning meals, and rummaging through the fridge and cooking every. single. meal? Tamar will make you fall in love with it again.



  • Magical, life changing swimwear. A Youswim cossie will fit 8 different sizes (including 8 months pregnant!) without breaking a sweat.



  • Download the Couch to 5K app if you feel like you need to start moving your body more. This is the fourth time SoRo has downloaded it but this time it feels like it’s going to stick! (This is the one she has, but there are free ones).

The Fast Five!


  • The Smile Tiles by Sam Leighton Dore. Fun and funny, self deprecating artwork which are just simple bold black text on a white square tile. Our fave is “REST you beautiful, busy idiot”

  • Thekla Design Tableware - all handsewn in Sydney, super small run napkins and tablecloths made from repurposed vintage fabrics or deadstock. The antithesis of minimalism.

  • Fabbrica SoMo’s husband’s new pasta shop in the cbd! Stock up on supplies, eat some foccacia, buy a great tote. HEAVEN.

  • Helen Garner’s lockdown diaries on 7am Podcast. We could listen to Helen talk all day, she’s so articulate and moving with her words.

  • Zara linen shirt dresses SoMo’s summer uniform! Very simple, mid-calf, slightly longer at the back linen shirt dresses in black linen and white linen.


  • Claus Porto Portuguese soap SoRo got the lemon verbana scent. Beautiful packaging (all paper no plastic) that looks like portugese tiles. Honestly just a really nice bar of soap. (LOL).

  • Read like the wind by Molly Young. A monthly column in Vulture on NYmag with brilliant book recs. Obscure and interesting reads! Often laugh out loud funny!

  • Anhydrous Lanolin for dry lips and cracked skin. Literally..distilled wool grease. Is this the least sexy recommendation we’ve done so far? Probably! Is it literally a magical ingredient able to fix even the driest of skin and lips! Yes! Use only at night, or if you’re not going out in public that day.

  • East33 oysters Restaurant grade oysters delivered to your door. They have seasonal series with tasting notes from specific oysters farmers. Free delivery in central Sydney.

  • Bonds original triangle crop bra - the bra for our times. Soft, wireless, comfy, just enough support.

Ciao ciao!