Snack Sized Six vol. 6

Image via Lonely Lingerie.


  • Ok here's the vibe; you're in Milan on a short layover for your sexy important job, at a party you were invited to by a hot stranger you met drinking Spagliatos solo at Bar Basso. It's super dark in there, a little smoky. Anything could happen. The stranger wanders off to fetch you a glass of wine, and while you wait for them to return, you press yourself up against a wall and watch the room around you. Suddenly, this song comes on, and everyone starts to dance.

  • The chicken shawarma pie is the one thing I've made multiple times from Falastin by Sami Tamimi. SO delicious.

  • I know liking milk chocolate is desperately uncool but I'm addicted to this cookies and cream block from Koko Black. Addicted.


  • The Hurraw! moon lip balm is 100% natural and super soothing. I have a bunch floating around in various handbags. (Not as heavy duty as the lanolin rec from last week, but you can actually use this one during the day without looking like a slime monster.)

  • An underwire bra? During a pandemic!? Outrageous suggestion! But the Lonely Lingerie Bonnie bras are SO comfy and pretty and sexy - I have it in tamarillo and black and I’m eyeing off the raisin too.

  • Chris Fleming is an instagram/twitter comedian, with the lankiest body I’ve ever seen, and his absurd, weird humour has made me laugh until I cry multiple times this year. Start with this dancing vid and then progress to his monologue about samoyeds, before finishing with this bizarrely hilarious song about a mildly unwell accountant.

Ciao ciao,