Snack Sized Six vol. 4

Photo by Hattie Molloy


  • If I wasn't bursting from the seams of my actual body right now, I'd buy this dress and swan around all summer like a smug, mint-julep-drinking princess. 

  • Very very into these "Yankee Pinstripe (as my husband calls them)" linen sheets from In Bed Store. 

  • Here's an idea: Roast two halves of a sweet potato until crisp and yet still fluffy, then pour this green sauce all over it. Dinner! In a flash! Use up all the herbs in your fridge, and all the tahini.


  • Hattie Molloy’s instagram posts are a floral joy! If we didn’t previously convert you to the gerbera fan club this account will do it.

  • Speaking of tahini, I picked up a bottle of Green Hill tahini at Fiji Spice Market in Newtown and its the best one I’ve ever tried. SO creamy!

  • World of Books Australia is the online secondhand bookstore of your dreams. If browsing in one isn’t possible where you live at the moment, get a vicarious thrill by doing it online instead. Has so many fun editions of old books and a pretty great range (which changes all the time). And it’s not owned by Amazon!