Snack Sized Six Vol. 3

The bun cha at VN Streetfoods.


  • I’m loving following along on Sydney photographer Jiwon Kim’s insights into motherhood and birth on her Instagram Stories. Mostly because - adult diapers.

  • Farmer Jo makes adult cocoa puffs now!!!!!! For kids... or not.

  • This is always out of stock at Mecca maybe because it’s so popular? It’s back! It’s the best light moisturiser if you have oily/combo skin and smells like spring. 


  • Had a delicious, and insanely cheap meal at VN Streetfoods last week and plan to spend all summer long eating their bun cha, washed down by a coconut juice.

  • Is the one-shoulder neckline back? Just picked up this slinky number from par femme so here’s hoping.

  • Elif Batuman is a genius. This New Yorker article - about greek tragedy, plagues, childhood and so much more - is a perfect example of her beautiful, fascinating brain.