Punk Florists, Smashed Cheeseburgers and a $9 Beach Accessory

We’ve got the cure for any post long weekend blues and it’s this weeks episode! Packed with tips for turning into your mother, treats from the supermarket, an instagram deep dive worth your time, a few seasons of steamy sex scenes and a mouth-sweating spice blend. Also not a single legume was cooked in the making of this episode. Shocking we know.







  • Humans of NY Tales from Tanqueray Series, to dive into another person’s wild life. Start here and work your way back!


  • On Immunity: An Innoculation by Eula Biss, Booktopia. A book as bracing as a cold Spring swim!



  • Turn into your mother with this folding beach chair from Bunnings. Add a beach pillow to really up your game.



  • Get into Gua Sha! A nice soothing skincare ritual that will also help de-puff your face. SoRo follows @britta_beauty for tips and techniques.



  • @anime.foodi is an instagram account that recreates food scenes from tv shows or films - it’s basically instagram ASMR.

  • Fontina Vecchio Section 28. Squidy and delicious with that good cheese pong.

  • Triple J Hack says watching 30 minutes of cute animal videos a day makes you less stressed. Your tiktok dog video habit now counts as self care.

  • Pandora Sykes podcast Doing It Right - the ep with Alain de Botton. Does being ambitious make being happy impossible? Existential crises ahoy!

  • Flower Punk by the New Yorker. Dive into the world of Japanese floral artist Azuma Makoto.


  • Google Keep for shopping lists and notes and other random bits and bobs. Works on desktop and they have an app.

  • Vida on Stan for if you liked the steamy sex scenes in Normal People but found it too emotionally heavy.

  • Tajin Chilli and Lime Seasoning. Sprinkle it on watermelon, make your own elotes, dip your frosty fruit into it or rim your glass in salt and this blend for a spicy marg.

  • Weekday Kirsty Singlet in white and black. Simple is hard to find sometimes, and these are classics.

  • Marigolds! So cheerful! Bright orange! Very cheap! Buy yourself flowers.

Drink a margarita and soak up some sun this weekend!

Love ya,