Mulberry Season, Bucket Hats and Another Perfect Doughnut

This week we are thrusting our face into the flowering bushes of Sydney in spring and letting sprigs of jasmine perfume our houses. It’s our favourite time of year, but there are deadlines to meet and sometimes the seasonal shift can make SoRo a little blue. To steady our equilibrium we have some decadent chickpeas, an app to track our cycles, a memoir to make us brave and yet ANOTHER perfect doughnut. There’s bat content and hat content and a map to find free street fruit!





  • A perfect gluten free, dairy free, vegan doughnut - a thing that actually exists! Try it at Comeco Foods in Newtown.



  • The Sopranos, Binge. 2020 is all about jumping on pop culture bandwagons a solid 1 to 2 decades late. This award winning television show is really good guys! Who knew!



  • The Fixed Stars by Molly Wisenberg, Booktopia. A book about being brave enough to blow your whole life up and then sift through the pieces. Incidentally, also a book about how jury duty can accidentally change your life??



  • Wellington Factory Hats. SoRo bought one in beige which has strong “middle aged gardening” vibes, but she’s hoping to figure out how to style it before the end of Summer.


  • Carter’s Cookbook sits at the intersection between Australian’s Women Weekly and dreamy Byron Bay hinterland! Perfect.

The Fast Five!



  • SoMo has christined this new fav smoothie recipe the Bazinga! It’s just banana, a shot of espresso, a spoonful of nut butter, ½ cup rolled oats, splash of milk and some honey if you need it.

  • Sugarcane Coogee Thai food in? In Coogee? Unexpected. But this beach side Thai restaurant is so good it reminds us of Longrain (RIP)

  • Officially Mulberry Season! Try this app to find them (and so much more) near you, wherever you are in the world!

  • Music to Bathe To II (via the VERY EXCELLENT Friday Fourteen newsletter). Very soothing but also low-key upbeat. Great for when you just NEED TO CALM DOWN.

  • Easy Tea, a really delicious iced tea made by Dave, the manager at Cirrus in Sydney! It’s very new. But sometimes it’s so nice to drink something that’s not carbonated, you know?

Go forage for some street fruit guys!