Life-Changing Doughnuts, Spanish Aperitifs and Whiffs of Baby Stuff

There’s a distinct smell of jasmine in the air here in Sydney, and we’re ready to embrace spring and throw off the shackles of winter. This week we are staying VERY hydrated, and spiking our soda with delicious spanish stuff. There’s a slight whiff of baby recommendations (just a dash, we’re not going to go overboard), along with a sunday meatball recipe to die for and the best donuts you’ve ever eaten in your life. Go, go, go! (And stay to the end of this newsletter for an extra rec).





  • Fennel-Scented Braised Squid & Aioli from Rebbecca May Johson’s blog, A Dinner Document. A perfect late winter dish. Serve with a big green salad and some crusty bread.



  • Have a Go Series, by chef Jo Barret and Photographer Jana Langhorst. A beautiful magazine series that will guide you how to make things like feta and fromage blanc! It’s time to cultivate those dreams of leaving the rat race and becoming a cheesemaker.


  • Euphoria by Lily King, Booktopia. Anthropologists in a love triangle in New Guinea in the 1930s! What a relief to esccape our current world for somewhere completely new!



  • If you’re looking for cheap baby basics, stop in at Best and Less. SoMo likes this and this and this.


  • Sodastream for all your sparkling water needs. SoRo doesn’t know how she lived without one.



  • Great Wrap - corn starch based, compostable cling wrap! Started by winemaker Jordy Kay and his wife Julia. Fully compostable, can put it in the worm farm.

  • Spaghetti con Polpette, Gourmet Traveller. The pine nuts in this are so good, and the trick is fatty meat.

  • Lagoon Dining Fried Chicken Roll with salted green chilli mayo and slaw. They deliver in Melbourne! 

  • NY Times Story on the Leap of Dance Academy in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • The Memo online store for baby stuff. A great edit, not overwhelming, no garish patterns or colours, just beautifully made stuff.


  • Vermut negro - Casa Mariol. Serve over ice or with soda and an orange wedge, or throw in a green olive or two. ALMOST like being in a bar in Madrid.

  • Rachel Syme on Twitter  She has been doing some amazing threads during covid including one that is a paen to the joy of doing “the city fuckaround”.

  • Lex pott twist candle Yes this is a $65 candle. Sometimes a dumb online purchase can bring you joy.

  • Kjaer Weis cream foundation compact Beautiful packaging and a gorgeous product that you buy refills for!

  • Yalla chocolate mousse. It’s so decadent and delicious, just keep it in your fridge and eat it directly from the packet with a spoon!

Bonus Rec! One of our favourite wines - the Occhipinti SP68 Bianco - is back in stock in Australia! White peaches and sea salt! Perfect for spring! Check it out here and here.

Love ya,