Killjoys, Sugar Daddies and Savoury Dutch Babies!

It’s our surprise season finale this week! And Jesus what a week it has been. (Sorry this email is a bit late - this has been me all week.)

We hope this bumper ep helped soothe some election/pandemic related anxiety for you - if you haven’t listened yet you’re in for a treat. There’s a sexy Netflix show, a pile of comfort reads, lols from sugar daddies and a breakfast food that’s best described as a cross between a yorkshire pudding, a popover and a gougere. I mean! We’ve got a cleanser that will make your face SO SOFT, a heartbreaking podcast (also a good distraction) and a real BANGER to take you out dancing.

We’ll be back in a few months, SM with a baby in tow! We love you! We’ll miss you!




  • Killjoy Drinks is launching on December 1! Booze free drinks for the hand, for the glass and for the bar cart.


  • Savoury dutch baby pancakes - try this recipe on the NYTimes, or this one from Bon Appetit. Delicious, easy and impressive.



  • The Queens Gambit on Netflix is a moody, sexy, mid-century mini series about..chess? Just go with it.



  • Goodbye to all this, by Sophie Townsend will definitely distract you from the election, but it’ll do so by making you very sad. Consider yourself warned! But it’ll give you a glimpse into what SoRo’s life was like between 2016-2018.



  • Places We Swim Sydney, Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon, Booktopia. Buy this and then work your way through the whole list for the next five months. A perfect Sydney summer.


  • Get into double cleansing for skin as soft and pillowy as a brioche bun. SoRo has been loving the Pixie Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse (two products in one). We’ve included a link to the product at Myer but you should be able to find it at a chemist.

The Fast Five!


  • Never too Small, Youtube A great series on small apartments and houses that have been beautifully and cleverly renovated. Good inspiration!

  • Vitamin C B E Ferulic acid by Biobare. When SoRo went looking for a dupe for the VERY exxy Skinceuticals version of this product, she found this serum! (This is the website with all the dupes btw - it’s great). Significantly cheaper, and so far the results are great!

  • Cans of ITOEN Green Tea. You can usually find this at sushi train. They sell the bottles at Woolworths, but we’ll be trying to track the cans down all summer.

  • Casa do Benfica in Marrickville Tennis Club. Piles of clams, fried potatoes, grilled octopus, chorizo and delicious fluffy caramel flans! Generous serves of seafood and SO MUCH ATMOSPHERE. Drink cheap vinho verde, order all of the desserts and have an espresso to finish. Bookings for sunday lunch are essential.

  • Brother of the More Famous Jack by Barbara Trapido. A book that is like a parade! Think rambling houses in the english countryside, sexy older professors, trips to Italy. Perfect.


  • Ghosts by Dolly Alderton. If you loved Everything I Know About Love, her memoir released two years ago, you will devour this piece of fiction. 

  • Kiin Baby for cute prints for swaddles and sheets in all natural materials and shades of moss, dusty mustard, terracotta and milky creams. So nice you could wear the swaddles as sarongs.

  • Saturday Night Pasta, Elizabeth Hewson. Another brilliant book by a previous brilliant guest! Cook your way through this whacked out year! Soothe yourself with semolina dough! Perfect as a present for yourself or one of your faves.

  • Jimoto Foods Miso Hot Sauce is the result of an amazing side project from Max Smith of Cho Cho San. DELICIOUS.

  • Dance Hall Days, Wang Chung. When all else fails - lockdown 2.0, screaming baby, end of democracy etc etc - at least we can dance.

We love you! Don’t forget us! We’ll see you in 2021!