Isolation Micro-Delights

How to keep putting one foot in front of the other

It’s our first mini-ep for Season 3! And our first episode recorded during social distancing/isolation/whatever the official name for this weird purgatory period we’re all in is. This week - inspired by Ross Gay on the On Being Podcast - we’re focusing in the little things that are bringing us delight. Good laughs, fresh bread, high end booze delivered to your door. Whatever gets us through this, right?



  • Samin nosrat’s laugh on her new podcast Home Cooking - exuberant! Joyful! Makes washing your dishes feel like a party!

  • Swearing at my Pilates instructor out loud even though she’s not in the room because the Instagram work outs she posts are really fucking hard.

    Lucy from Scout Pilates is a beautiful, beautiful pilates demon - the mini workouts are on insta and they’re running streaming classes too.

  • The drums in The Obvious child by Paul Simon, if they don’t make you want to dance nothing will.

  • Regrowing scallions from the roots! Like magic!

  • Bird watching - Staring at black cockatoos in the banksia tree out the front of my house for a solid 20 minutes is like taking valium.

  • Saying “fuck it” and just eating corn chips and hummus for dinner. I prefer Pilpel hummous and Nature’s Earth salted corn chips.


  • Not wearing a bra. I might never go back to wearing them, seriously. 

  • The background personalisation feature on Zoom, I’ve been hanging out at Ragazzi all week.

  • Honeycome Ice cream from Ciccone and sons. The owner opened the tin of ice cream, looked inside and said, you know what - this needs more honeycomb. Online ordering coming soon.

  • Buy yourself a present from the DEA store! I bought a small ceramic vase from Japan, nothing too fancy. I put a flower in it, and look at it every morning. Joy!

  • Our disco ball! Disco hour is at 9.30 every morning, it lights up the room. Normally I'm never there to see it. I love it.  

  • Just hanging out with my husband every single night since he usually works most nights. (When this is over you, can simulate this experience this by going to Ragazzi and waving at him in the kitchen.)

    But he’s also been baking sourdough bread in the morning and the smell of bread baking is heaven. Make your own sourdough starter! What else have you got to do?

That’s it from us this week. Tell us your own micro-delights! Take some deep breathes, play some disco, stare out the window for a while.

We love you!