Fragrant Things, Pizza Things and Life Advice for Neurotics

In this ep you'll learn how to stock your freezer with good-qual pizza and beer, where to go for a custardy chinatown classic, lose hours to a TV show, de-pill those freaking balls off your jumpers, and generally get your feelings BACK ON TRACK thanks to an old fav Agony Aunt column. You need it? We got it. Sometimes. 





  • Head to Sandoitchi Cafe on Oxford St for non-traditional Katsu Sandwiches (Cheese! Nori!), Single O coffee, rice bowls and cake.



  • The Leftovers on Binge, for three perfect, melancholy, batshit crazy seasons of television about grief and loss and cults and LIFE.



  • Ask Polly on The Cut. Got a life problem? Type it into google, add “Ask Polly” and Heather Havrilesky has probably already answered it for you.



  • Mother Space Room Spray, Happy Society. No such thing as too many scented products right?


  • Invest in a house wine this summer! Find one you really REALLY love, and buy a whole case of it. Sometimes consistency is key!

The Fast Five!

  • NYTimes Spelling Bee You’ll need a NYTimes game subscription, but this is very satisfying and intellectually challenging mobile game!

  • Emperor’s Garden Bakery Cream puffs A Chinatown classic! Little warm, fluffy and crunchy puffs filled with vanilla custardy goodness. 40c each! 15 for $5! Cash only.

  • Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30+ from Luna Beauty & Apothecary Just a really good, simple day cream with a physical SPF.

  • Song Exploder - Sharon Van Etten “Seventeen” Apple Podcasts Writing songs seems like a magical power. This podcast breaks down the process. Super insightful.

  • The Chilli Oil This is a delicious mild and flavourful chilli oil - it’s so tasty!! Includes fennel seeds, star anise, cloves, cinnamon and sichuan pepper and has a rounded and satisfying flavour.


  • Pizza Camp One for ya’ll in Victoria. Woodired pizzas in classic flavours, delivered vac-packed for your fridge or freezer. And they deliver craft beer too!

  • Lint Razor De-pill all your knits before you pack them away this spring. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Pen15 Season 2 on Stan Reliver your awkward adolescence. If you weren’t born in the late 80s then re-live ours..

  • Lyre’s Italian Orange You won’t believe it’s not campari! Drink with soda and an orange wedge.

  • Bonds maternity bikini underwear. Won’t dig in, won’t roll down. Just does the job.

That’s it! We’re out!