A Very Enthusiastic Gift Guide! 🥳

61 things we've had our eyes on over the last 12 months.

The supermarkets are full of stone fruit, gardenias are blooming, you’ve had at least one accidental sunburn and you’ve just realised it’s December NEXT WEEK. If you’re as disoriented as we are with the fact that 2020 seems to be coming to a close, then take a deep breath and relax - we’ve done all the gift thinking/researching/scrolling research for you sweet, worn-out muffins.

This was going to be a short and snappy 10-piece kinda thing, but we got carried away and thought fuck it, more options is always better. We’ve got a mix of 61 recommendations for you! Some are earmarked from season four (ICYMI), and the rest are a bunch of brand new ideas (and we half-heartedly promise it isn’t just things we want for ourselves… though that’s actually untrue). Are we ready? 💥


  • Ditch the prosecco and stock up on our pick for the Italian sparkling wine of the summer: dry, refreshing, irresistible Radice Lambrusco from Emilia-Romagna.

  • This may seem like something you don’t really need, but waffle brunch parties are so much fun! Gift the breakfast lover in your life this Breville Waffle Maker and attach this recipe for brilliant banana walnut waffles. Pray for an invite.

  • Gin Mayo, because… gin mayo!? Good with cured fish, wethinks.

  • You don’t need one bottle of this miso hot sauce, you need three in this tidy bundle from Jimoto Foods, by the head chef of Cho Cho San.

  • If chilli oil is more their speed (the condiment of 2020, truly), we really rate this mild and fragrant one!

  • This beautiful brass masala dabba spice kit by Diaspora Co (you know we love them - remember the turmeric?) is stocked with seven ethically sourced, high-quality spices, and will thrill any enthusiastic chef in your life for a long while. Pair it with a Meera Sodha cookbook for a win win win.

  • Take advantage of the fact we're still getting access to wholesale goodies, and be the hero of Christmas by bringing this 1.4kg wheel of Holy Goat La Luna cheese (there are also some smaller options if you're doing a more intimate Christmas gathering)

  • This incredibly good value kit from Single O (I do not understand how it’s so cheap) has literally everything your best friend/brother/mum/anyone could need to make delicious coffee at home.

  • For the bivalve lova in your life, consider an East33 Oyster Subscription. Baller! Even better if they live with you and you get to share it with them every frickin’ month.

  • Someone cutting the booze this holiday season? Grab them a bottle of this bitter-sweet, totally unbelievable Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Italian Spritz. They won’t notice it’s not Campari.

  • For the people in your life who are still drinking booze, pick up them up a bottle of Poor Tom’s imbroglio amaro to splash over soda or employ in their Negronis.

  • A bottle of baller sake, a ceramic jug and cute little cups to drink it from. How good.

  • For the person who has everything and really loves esoteric cheeses, get them this Swiss Girolle to make perfect cheese rosettes from the stinky-delicious Alpine cheese Tête de Moine.



  • Gah!! This wine is so good, all of it, but did you know you can buy the wine labels as posters? It’s truuuuue. Scroll to the bottom of the link.

  • We love these fun little works by Joshua Heath. He delivers them framed, too! Bright and fun.

  • It’s been a big year. Make them smile with a Smile Tile!

  • Perfect presents for a book lover that you’re too intimidated to try and buy a book for - this Books are Bananas print or this Keats eats a nectarine print from one of our favourite bookstores in Oakland, CA.

  • Oranges print by Anna Roberts (no relation) because it’s beautiful.

  • Beautiful illustrations by Charlotte Ager to make someone dream of sipping a cortado in shady plazas in Spain.

  • The Gourmand prints are so kewl.




  • Three cookbooks that are almost as good as an overseas holiday: the Towpath London Cookbook for your sister who always talks your ear off about when she lived in Hackney; Coconut & Sambal for your Aunt who normally books the family a week in Bali and La Buvette for your best friend who’s been trying to pretend that Potts Point is the same as Paris (it’s us, that’s us).

  • Find a moment of calm for someone who needs it via Elizabeth Hewson’s new book, dedicated to the craft of Saturday Night Pasta.

  • You gotta just have a go, and what better time than the summer hols. This magazine makes the complex, kinda simple? Have a Go Series: Make Croissants

  • A cocktail recipe book entirely DEDICATED to pre-batched punch? Brilliant. Awesome design, too.

Not Food:


  • Give someone the power of good times, strength and movement with a Good Times Pilates Online Voucher from this cool-as Melbourne studio by Cat Webb.

  • Help raise up indigenous voices fighting for climate justice by donating to Seed Mob.

  • What could be better than gifting a NYT Cooking Subscription for a year? Such a good idea for the mate who’s feeling the pandemic-induced cooking slump.

  • Give the gift of pasta, cheese, and fancy pantry staples with a Fabbrica Pasta Shop Gift Voucher (email this link to order).

  • Donate to the Happy Boxes Project in a friend’s name, which supports women in remote communities access basic toiletries.

  • The gift that keeps on giving is a Golden Age Cinema & Bar Membership and aside from a bunch of perks including some free tix, previews and things, they’ll get free popcorn… for the year!

  • Donate to Bush Heritage Australia, an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and also partners with Aboriginal people, to conserve our magnificent landscapes and irreplaceable native species forever.

  • How about an orange wine masterclass with one of Australia’s masters, Mike Bennie at P’n’V? We all know someone who’d love this.