A Very Enthusiastic Gift Guide! 🥳

61 things we've had our eyes on over the last 12 months.

The supermarkets are full of stone fruit, gardenias are blooming, you’ve had at least one accidental sunburn and you’ve just realised it’s December NEXT WEEK. If you’re as disoriented as we are with the fact that 2020 seems to be coming to a close, then take a deep breath and relax - we’ve done all the gift thinking/researching/scrolling research for you sweet, worn-out muffins.

This was going to be a short and snappy 10-piece kinda thing, but we got carried away and thought fuck it, more options is always better. We’ve got a mix of 61 recommendations for you! Some are earmarked from season four (ICYMI), and the rest are a bunch of brand new ideas (and we half-heartedly promise it isn’t just things we want for ourselves… though that’s actually untrue). Are we ready? 💥


  • Ditch the prosecco and stock up on our pick for the Italian sparkling wine of the summer: dry, refreshing, irresistible Radice Lambrusco from Emilia-Romagna.

  • This may seem like something you don’t really need, but waffle brunch parties are so much fun! Gift the breakfast lover in your life this Breville Waffle Maker and attach this recipe for brilliant banana walnut waffles. Pray for an invite.

  • Gin Mayo, because… gin mayo!? Good with cured fish, wethinks.

  • You don’t need one bottle of this miso hot sauce, you need three in this tidy bundle from Jimoto Foods, by the head chef of Cho Cho San.

  • If chilli oil is more their speed (the condiment of 2020, truly), we really rate this mild and fragrant one!

  • This beautiful brass masala dabba spice kit by Diaspora Co (you know we love them - remember the turmeric?) is stocked with seven ethically sourced, high-quality spices, and will thrill any enthusiastic chef in your life for a long while. Pair it with a Meera Sodha cookbook for a win win win.

  • Take advantage of the fact we're still getting access to wholesale goodies, and be the hero of Christmas by bringing this 1.4kg wheel of Holy Goat La Luna cheese (there are also some smaller options if you're doing a more intimate Christmas gathering)

  • This incredibly good value kit from Single O (I do not understand how it’s so cheap) has literally everything your best friend/brother/mum/anyone could need to make delicious coffee at home.

  • For the bivalve lova in your life, consider an East33 Oyster Subscription. Baller! Even better if they live with you and you get to share it with them every frickin’ month.

  • Someone cutting the booze this holiday season? Grab them a bottle of this bitter-sweet, totally unbelievable Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Italian Spritz. They won’t notice it’s not Campari.

  • For the people in your life who are still drinking booze, pick up them up a bottle of Poor Tom’s imbroglio amaro to splash over soda or employ in their Negronis.

  • A bottle of baller sake, a ceramic jug and cute little cups to drink it from. How good.

  • For the person who has everything and really loves esoteric cheeses, get them this Swiss Girolle to make perfect cheese rosettes from the stinky-delicious Alpine cheese TĂŞte de Moine.



  • Gah!! This wine is so good, all of it, but did you know you can buy the wine labels as posters? It’s truuuuue. Scroll to the bottom of the link.

  • We love these fun little works by Joshua Heath. He delivers them framed, too! Bright and fun.

  • It’s been a big year. Make them smile with a Smile Tile!

  • Perfect presents for a book lover that you’re too intimidated to try and buy a book for - this Books are Bananas print or this Keats eats a nectarine print from one of our favourite bookstores in Oakland, CA.

  • Oranges print by Anna Roberts (no relation) because it’s beautiful.

  • Beautiful illustrations by Charlotte Ager to make someone dream of sipping a cortado in shady plazas in Spain.

  • The Gourmand prints are so kewl.




  • Three cookbooks that are almost as good as an overseas holiday: the Towpath London Cookbook for your sister who always talks your ear off about when she lived in Hackney; Coconut & Sambal for your Aunt who normally books the family a week in Bali and La Buvette for your best friend who’s been trying to pretend that Potts Point is the same as Paris (it’s us, that’s us).

  • Find a moment of calm for someone who needs it via Elizabeth Hewson’s new book, dedicated to the craft of Saturday Night Pasta.

  • You gotta just have a go, and what better time than the summer hols. This magazine makes the complex, kinda simple? Have a Go Series: Make Croissants

  • A cocktail recipe book entirely DEDICATED to pre-batched punch? Brilliant. Awesome design, too.

Not Food:


  • Give someone the power of good times, strength and movement with a Good Times Pilates Online Voucher from this cool-as Melbourne studio by Cat Webb.

  • Help raise up indigenous voices fighting for climate justice by donating to Seed Mob.

  • What could be better than gifting a NYT Cooking Subscription for a year? Such a good idea for the mate who’s feeling the pandemic-induced cooking slump.

  • Give the gift of pasta, cheese, and fancy pantry staples with a Fabbrica Pasta Shop Gift Voucher (email this link to order).

  • Donate to the Happy Boxes Project in a friend’s name, which supports women in remote communities access basic toiletries.

  • The gift that keeps on giving is a Golden Age Cinema & Bar Membership and aside from a bunch of perks including some free tix, previews and things, they’ll get free popcorn… for the year!

  • Donate to Bush Heritage Australia, an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and also partners with Aboriginal people, to conserve our magnificent landscapes and irreplaceable native species forever.

  • How about an orange wine masterclass with one of Australia’s masters, Mike Bennie at P’n’V? We all know someone who’d love this.

Killjoys, Sugar Daddies and Savoury Dutch Babies!

It’s our surprise season finale this week! And Jesus what a week it has been. (Sorry this email is a bit late - this has been me all week.)

We hope this bumper ep helped soothe some election/pandemic related anxiety for you - if you haven’t listened yet you’re in for a treat. There’s a sexy Netflix show, a pile of comfort reads, lols from sugar daddies and a breakfast food that’s best described as a cross between a yorkshire pudding, a popover and a gougere. I mean! We’ve got a cleanser that will make your face SO SOFT, a heartbreaking podcast (also a good distraction) and a real BANGER to take you out dancing.

We’ll be back in a few months, SM with a baby in tow! We love you! We’ll miss you!




  • Killjoy Drinks is launching on December 1! Booze free drinks for the hand, for the glass and for the bar cart.


  • Savoury dutch baby pancakes - try this recipe on the NYTimes, or this one from Bon Appetit. Delicious, easy and impressive.



  • The Queens Gambit on Netflix is a moody, sexy, mid-century mini series about..chess? Just go with it.



  • Goodbye to all this, by Sophie Townsend will definitely distract you from the election, but it’ll do so by making you very sad. Consider yourself warned! But it’ll give you a glimpse into what SoRo’s life was like between 2016-2018.



  • Places We Swim Sydney, Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon, Booktopia. Buy this and then work your way through the whole list for the next five months. A perfect Sydney summer.


  • Get into double cleansing for skin as soft and pillowy as a brioche bun. SoRo has been loving the Pixie Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse (two products in one). We’ve included a link to the product at Myer but you should be able to find it at a chemist.

The Fast Five!


  • Never too Small, Youtube A great series on small apartments and houses that have been beautifully and cleverly renovated. Good inspiration!

  • Vitamin C B E Ferulic acid by Biobare. When SoRo went looking for a dupe for the VERY exxy Skinceuticals version of this product, she found this serum! (This is the website with all the dupes btw - it’s great). Significantly cheaper, and so far the results are great!

  • Cans of ITOEN Green Tea. You can usually find this at sushi train. They sell the bottles at Woolworths, but we’ll be trying to track the cans down all summer.

  • Casa do Benfica in Marrickville Tennis Club. Piles of clams, fried potatoes, grilled octopus, chorizo and delicious fluffy caramel flans! Generous serves of seafood and SO MUCH ATMOSPHERE. Drink cheap vinho verde, order all of the desserts and have an espresso to finish. Bookings for sunday lunch are essential.

  • Brother of the More Famous Jack by Barbara Trapido. A book that is like a parade! Think rambling houses in the english countryside, sexy older professors, trips to Italy. Perfect.


  • Ghosts by Dolly Alderton. If you loved Everything I Know About Love, her memoir released two years ago, you will devour this piece of fiction. 

  • Kiin Baby for cute prints for swaddles and sheets in all natural materials and shades of moss, dusty mustard, terracotta and milky creams. So nice you could wear the swaddles as sarongs.

  • Saturday Night Pasta, Elizabeth Hewson. Another brilliant book by a previous brilliant guest! Cook your way through this whacked out year! Soothe yourself with semolina dough! Perfect as a present for yourself or one of your faves.

  • Jimoto Foods Miso Hot Sauce is the result of an amazing side project from Max Smith of Cho Cho San. DELICIOUS.

  • Dance Hall Days, Wang Chung. When all else fails - lockdown 2.0, screaming baby, end of democracy etc etc - at least we can dance.

We love you! Don’t forget us! We’ll see you in 2021!


Snack Sized Six vol. 6

Image via Lonely Lingerie.


  • Ok here's the vibe; you're in Milan on a short layover for your sexy important job, at a party you were invited to by a hot stranger you met drinking Spagliatos solo at Bar Basso. It's super dark in there, a little smoky. Anything could happen. The stranger wanders off to fetch you a glass of wine, and while you wait for them to return, you press yourself up against a wall and watch the room around you. Suddenly, this song comes on, and everyone starts to dance.

  • The chicken shawarma pie is the one thing I've made multiple times from Falastin by Sami Tamimi. SO delicious.

  • I know liking milk chocolate is desperately uncool but I'm addicted to this cookies and cream block from Koko Black. Addicted.


  • The Hurraw! moon lip balm is 100% natural and super soothing. I have a bunch floating around in various handbags. (Not as heavy duty as the lanolin rec from last week, but you can actually use this one during the day without looking like a slime monster.)

  • An underwire bra? During a pandemic!? Outrageous suggestion! But the Lonely Lingerie Bonnie bras are SO comfy and pretty and sexy - I have it in tamarillo and black and I’m eyeing off the raisin too.

  • Chris Fleming is an instagram/twitter comedian, with the lankiest body I’ve ever seen, and his absurd, weird humour has made me laugh until I cry multiple times this year. Start with this dancing vid and then progress to his monologue about samoyeds, before finishing with this bizarrely hilarious song about a mildly unwell accountant.

Ciao ciao,

This Swimwear Will Change You, A Pasta Shop and Oysters Delivered

Shrubs! Spanakopita! Sofia Coppola! Swimwear! Shirt dresses! Soap! Didn’t mean to make this ep “s” themed but sometimes these things happen. Have you listened? Get into it.




  • Mulberry Shrub! So simple! So deliciously tart. This food52 article gives you a rundown of the process.


  • Spanakopita gallette SoRo likes to make it with chard or silverbeet instead of spinach and throws parsley and mint in there too. This recipes makes two gallettes. Bake them both and have the second one for lunches.



  • On The Rocks, Sofia Coppola, on Apple TV from 23 October. Bill Murray at his most Billy Murray-esque. New York! Martinis! Perfect.



  • An Everlasting Meal, Tamar Adler, Booktopia. Sick of planning meals, and rummaging through the fridge and cooking every. single. meal? Tamar will make you fall in love with it again.



  • Magical, life changing swimwear. A Youswim cossie will fit 8 different sizes (including 8 months pregnant!) without breaking a sweat.



  • Download the Couch to 5K app if you feel like you need to start moving your body more. This is the fourth time SoRo has downloaded it but this time it feels like it’s going to stick! (This is the one she has, but there are free ones).

The Fast Five!


  • The Smile Tiles by Sam Leighton Dore. Fun and funny, self deprecating artwork which are just simple bold black text on a white square tile. Our fave is “REST you beautiful, busy idiot”

  • Thekla Design Tableware - all handsewn in Sydney, super small run napkins and tablecloths made from repurposed vintage fabrics or deadstock. The antithesis of minimalism.

  • Fabbrica SoMo’s husband’s new pasta shop in the cbd! Stock up on supplies, eat some foccacia, buy a great tote. HEAVEN.

  • Helen Garner’s lockdown diaries on 7am Podcast. We could listen to Helen talk all day, she’s so articulate and moving with her words.

  • Zara linen shirt dresses SoMo’s summer uniform! Very simple, mid-calf, slightly longer at the back linen shirt dresses in black linen and white linen.


  • Claus Porto Portuguese soap SoRo got the lemon verbana scent. Beautiful packaging (all paper no plastic) that looks like portugese tiles. Honestly just a really nice bar of soap. (LOL).

  • Read like the wind by Molly Young. A monthly column in Vulture on NYmag with brilliant book recs. Obscure and interesting reads! Often laugh out loud funny!

  • Anhydrous Lanolin for dry lips and cracked skin. Literally..distilled wool grease. Is this the least sexy recommendation we’ve done so far? Probably! Is it literally a magical ingredient able to fix even the driest of skin and lips! Yes! Use only at night, or if you’re not going out in public that day.

  • East33 oysters Restaurant grade oysters delivered to your door. They have seasonal series with tasting notes from specific oysters farmers. Free delivery in central Sydney.

  • Bonds original triangle crop bra - the bra for our times. Soft, wireless, comfy, just enough support.

Ciao ciao!

Snack Sized Six vol. 5

Photo by LP’s Qaulity Meats.


  • Cherry Moon's Fig Leaf Sourdough. Toasting it fills your house with the smell of bready fig leaf. It's intoxicating. 

  • Devastated to hear of the passing of Taras Ochota, winemaker at the hyper original Ochota Barrels in the Adelaide Hills this week. Buy this RosĂ© and drink it in his honour. 

  • You know what's good? The lunchtime vibes at LP's Quality Meats in Chippendale. Way less meat-heavy than before, and very fun. Saturday and Sunday only!


  • Tofu dumplings are a surprising crowd pleaser! This Hetty McKinnon recipe is great, and have riffed on it with white cabbage in the place of spinach, carrot instead of celery and adding in green onions and/or shitake mushrooms. I literally never make the wrappers from scratch though.

  • Bottle Rocket by Golden Age Cinema deliver beautiful batch made cocktails to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Pro tip - the bottles make a great bud vase after you’ve drunk the cocktail.

  • I’ve been living in these Everlane pants in white lately. Super into the seam detail and barrel leg shape. They run big so size down!

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