Cookie Dough (Delivered), High Fidelity and Well Made Clothes

It’s the season finale of Season Three! Where has the time gone? What even is time any more? In the spirit of leaving you better than we found you, this week we school you in how to properly make risotto and Spanish tortilla and tell you how to get cookie dough delivered to your house. Plus some cool earrings to jazz up all those zoom calls, recipes for all those canned goods you panic bought, a very excellent new TV series on the ABC, a podcast that'll make you feel more positive about the pandemic and finally, another orb lamp to add to SoMo’s growing collection. Get going!


Listener Rec!
Netta let us know:  “@nisawomen is a social enterprise employing refugee women and I just got one of their bralette and seriously is like I’m wearing nothing except my boobs actually stay in place.” We didn’t think such a magical item of underwear could exist!



  • Risotto Hot Tips!

    • Get a variety of mushrooms and chop them different ways for a good texture and flavour - big field mushrooms into a fine dice, small ones sliced, really soft ones like oyster mushrooms or enokis torn up and added in right at the end. 

    • Prep a lot of things beforehand (chop and saute the mushrooms with olive oil and a bay leaf, chop all the shallots and garlic) so when people arrive all you need to do is the rice bit.

    • Saute the mushrooms in batches, so they brown (SoMo literally got this tip from watching Julie & Julia, when she makes beef Bourguignon)

    • You must heat all liquids so you don’t shock the rice and it stays creamy - this means both the wine and the stock!

    • Dried shiitakes are so good, because when soaked, they create their own stock!

    • You must add a lot of butter at the end - as well as parmesan cheese - to emulsify, like you do with pasta. 

    • SoMo stirred in a big spoon of sour cream last night right before serving and it was a revelation. Can use mascarpone or even burrata?! V decadent. 

    • To cut through all that cream you need a bitter, vinegary salad with this. Radicchio or endive goes very well.


  • Try a Tortilla Espanola, NYTimes Cooking. For one person SoRo eyeballs the potato amount and uses three eggs and a small onion or half of a larger one.
    The real trick is cooking it low and slow so the bottom doesnt’t catch, and sprinkling with aleppo pepper at the end.

    If you’ve got leftovers, put a wedge in a white bread roll with a generous serve of garlicky aioli for the sandwich of your dreams.



  • High Fidelity on ABC iView (+ accompanying playlist on Spotify). The remix of the John Cusack movie we didn’t know we needed!



  • “The Natural Experiment” by 99% Invisble. A look into all the weird and interesting things that Covid-19 is letting scientists learn.






  • Elaine Welteroth’s Pandemic Stoop Wedding in Vogue. For some giddy, pandemic romance.

  • Banoffee Pie. So easy. So cheap to make. Probs have all ingredients handy except maybe the cream. 

  • Fado Lamp, IKEA verrrrrry affordable, (like $59) and creates that soft glow. Comes in a bigger size and a mini size. 

  • Valet Studio Pink Florence Earrings

  • At-home Popcorn. Buy a bag of popping corn and make it on the stove. Season with butter, sea salt, brown sugar and turmeric (the good stuff) and then you just toss it all together.


  • Tuga Pastries for dreamy croissants and THE BEST portugese tarts.

  • Rohr Remedy Kakadu Plum Serum with Vit C - natural, organic, australian made skincare - kakadu plum has the highest source of Vitamin C in the world!

  • 2 excellent insta account follows: @ixta.belfrage & @noorishbynoor - both are ottolenghi recipe developers!

  • Weather by Jenny Offil, Booktopia. A small and beautiful book.

  • Tin Can Magic by Jessica Elliott Dennison, Booktopia. Perfect for pandemic pantry cooking! Use up all the canned goods you panic bought two months ago.

And that’s it! Season three is a wrap! Thanks for always listening guys - we love you!

Ciao for now,

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